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We have reinvented the concept of crushing of inert: from a simple act of strength to technology.

Advantages of the new mill G500

Low working speed
Crushing system with total impact
High productivity
Great versatility and quality of the output material
Ease of maintenance
Absence of approach registers
Constant grain distribution curves during the life cycle of parts subject of wear and tear
Substantial reduction of wear and tear of moving parts
Reduction of energy costs per ton of processed aggregates
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GEI G500 secondary impact crushing mill

The innovative mill GEI G500 guarantees maximum efficiency with a high yield and a low energy cost.

The total impact mill GEI G500 resolves the problems of traditional machines and redefines the original concept of crushing by impact.
With the GEI G500 it is finally possible to process materials that before were hardly crushable:
- inert material containing high concentration of abrasive mineral
- glass
- coal
- foundry slag polluted by fragments
- scoria containing recyclable metals
- coal-fired power stations waste
- particularly fraying materials

The mill GEI G500 ensures that the output material is always of excellent quality: poliedric and homogenous.
The possibility to change easily and accurately the velocity of impact make it possible to produce grain sizes according to different needs.

Mulino secondario a impatto totale GEI G500

The patented mill GEI G500 accepts incoming inert of sizes up to 140 mm, also polluted by particles which cannot be crashed: the distance between the armour plating and the hammers averts the risk that eventual extraneous particles may be interposed between the moving parts, causing damage to the machine, as it may happen in traditional mills.

With this patented technology of GEI material is introduced from below through a hopper inlet placed at a minimum height, variable from 1.00 to 1.80 m, from the base of the machine, with great advantages in terms regarding the positioning of the machinery.
Thus, a very large flow of material is obtained which has an impact on a major surface of armour with a trajectory angle up to 180 , about the double of traditional mills.

The result is a machine that features a ratio of kW/tons unparalleled elaborated, by far the lowest within its class. Moreover, the possibility of working at a very low rotation speed (from 250 evolutions per minute, according to the material), allows an extraordinary versatility: the GEI G500 can function both as secondary mill as well as tertiary mill in a single plant, by simply varying the rotation speed of the rotor.

max feeding size (*) production in Tons/h (*) installed power (*) rotor revolution per min. (**) No. and weight of hammers total weight
140 mm 100-140 75-132 kW 250-700 2/98 kg 8.000 kg
(*) parameters as function of characteristics and composition of the material and the finished product required
(**) according to its input size and the desired particle size

Mulino secondario a impatto totale GEI G500: viste

The mill GEI G500 is an international patent of Gei Macchine

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